“WE DID IT!!!!! :)” Team Milosz told us after taking part in and conquering the Tough Mudder Challenge on Saturday 4th May for four year old Milosz who has recently been diagnosed with myotubular myopathy.

Ian, Peter, Mark, Matt and Rich said “We got on great and had a fantastic time. It took us approximately 3 1/2 hours to complete the gruelling Tough Mudder course. All five of us finished without any ‘major’ injuries, although a few of us struggled to walk the next day and three days later we still have aches, pains and bruises! It was all worth it though. We all had a fantastic sense of achievement after the event knowing that we have raised over £1000 for the Trust!

This course is extremely challenging yet fun. It is safe to say that the worst obstacle for all of us was the Electric eel. We all got electrocuted with dangling swaying wires whilst crawling on all fours in the wet mud. Each shock really jolted you and stopped you in your tracks when you got zapped on the shoulder or head. Not pleasant. ‘The Walls’ were tough too. Twelve foot walls made of solid wood, nowhere to grip onto or get a foothold so we had to rely on proper team work to get us all over, and there were two of them!!

The weather was fine up until the walls, where it decided to hail upon us and make everything twice as slippery!! A lot of the obstacles were related to water so there was never any point during the course when we were dry. However when we finished, we were greeted with Tough Mudder t-shirts, head bands, and a complementary pint of Strongbow to take a little of the pain away!

It was great too that on Saturday evening, we all had a BBQ at our house and Milosz’ dad, Mike came along. It was a very nice end to a fantastic day!!”

Ian, Peter, Mark, Matt and Rich were inspired to fundraise for the Myotubular Trust by four year old Milosz who has recently been diagnosed with myotubular myopathy. One of the team members, Ian, is a friend of Milosz’s father and he and his friends decided to join Milosz’ parents, Mike and Monika, with their fundraising campaign. The team wore their Myotubular T-shirts on Saturday to help raise awareness and they have told us that they were worn with pride.

The Tough Mudder, which takes place at Boughton House near Kettering, is an annual event in which entrants complete an assault course which is spread over 12 miles and is certainly not intended for the faint hearted. There are 20 incredibly demanding obstacles along the route which have been designed by members of the Special forces. To give you a feel for the event, it entails running through fire and electricity, being dunked in ice cold water, balancing along planks, crawling through underwater tunnels and much more! Each obstacle has its owns name, some more sinister than others – there’s arctic enema, electric eel, mud mile and trench warfare, to name but a few. To read more about the event please visit www.toughmudder.co.uk and see the obstacles

There’s still time to sponsor the team, and you can do so online at http://www.bmycharity.com/ianbartlett

Thank you so much Team Milosz!