Year 7 student Annie decided to pitch to her fellow form members in 7G at Rugby High School when they were choosing a charity to support for the school year.  Annie nominated the Trust in memory of her dear little brother, Nathaniel. Annie was up against around 10 of her form mates who were nominating other charities but her pitch was so great that the Myotubular Trust was chosen as 7G’s charity of the year.

As part of the fundraising, Annie made some wonderful Myotubular Trust logo cakes for the cake sale at school. She also baked carrot cakes and flapjacks but thought that the logo cakes best summed up her afternoon of baking.

Well done Annie and thank you to you, your form members and your form tutor – we really appreciate your fundraising efforts and hope that you enjoyed those delicious cakes.

We hope you all enjoy year 8!