Richard reports, “On the 1st December 2014, Kirstie and I held a Bake Sale at the Capgemini office in support of the Myotubular Trust. Working in an office which is full of discerning diners and master bakers, we knew that we had our work cut-out; initially the plan was to do just cakes, however this idea quickly diminished when we were told that a ‘a bake sale isn’t a bake sale unless there is pie too’!

The gauntlet was set, the line drawn in the sand, so with full gusto and a crisp sense of colleagues’ expectation looming…we started to bake.

We decided quite quickly that a selection would be best, so embarked on picking food that was economical, tasty but most of all, something that we could actually bake. We were really happy with the result, 40+ Cupcakes, 12+ Corned Beef Pasties Slices, 10+ Steak & Ale Pies…the great news….they all sold apart from a few cupcakes (and two slices of pie) which unfortunately we forced ourselves to buy and eat. We also ran a raffle to win your very own custom cake, this went down very well, especially with it being the holiday season and all.

Overall, it was a great morning, even though it is only a small office, everyone got behind the wonderful work that Myotubular Trust do and supported us massively. The result – Over £65 raised – a job well done!”

A huge thanks to both Richard and Kirsty for their great efforts, and to all the staff at Capgemini for their fantastic support.

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