Inspired by Milosz, students dress down for the day

We are so grateful to the students at Catmose College who raised a fantastic amount at their summer term non-school uniform days. Thank you to everybody who took part.

Year 9 student, Holly, told us, “As one of our teachers has a child who is affected by this condition, students from his tutor group presented to the Catmose College Student Council and asked that as a College community, if we could raise funds for this charity during one of our non-school uniform days. This would allow us to raise money to support the ground-breaking work of the Trust and the treatment of myotubular and centronuclear myopathy.
In the week running up to the non-uniform day, students from the College watched videos and researched the amazing advances the charity has made in order to aid the sufferers and their families, students reached into their own pockets to pay to come in casual attire for the day. Overall, the school raised £1552.59, which was shared between the Trust and two other charities.

We will continue to support the Trust, and hope that our efforts to donate will aid the charity as it advances.”

We would also like to thank Ms Smith, who works with the Student Council at Catmose College, and Mr Leski and his amazing son, Milosz, for inspiring the fundraising.

Massive thanks to you all. We hope you enjoy your summer holidays!