Dr Belinda Cowling’s research has focused on the investigation of the normal role of proteins in skeletal muscle, how these roles are disturbed in muscle disease, and identifying novel therapies for congenital myopathies.

She completed a PhD at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia with Prof. Christina Mitchell, during which time she identified a novel regulator of skeletal muscle mass. She then moved to the IGBMC, France, to work with Dr. Jocelyn Laporte. The IGBMC is one of the leading European centers for biomedical research. The institute is located near Strasbourg, the capital of the European Union, and hosts over 50 research teams working on rare and common human disorders. During this time, she investigated the normal function of dynamin 2 in muscle, and how defects can cause centronuclear myopathy. She identified down regulation of dynamin 2 as a novel therapeutic target for myotubular myopathy. Part of this work was funded thanks to the ongoing support of the Myotubular Trust. Read more about the funded research here.

As of 2014 she became project leader at the IGBMC where she worked with a motivated team devoted to understanding muscle diseases and developing novel therapies. She is also co-founder of the company Dynacure, and since 2016 has been working closely with the research and development team at Dynacure. In 2018 Belinda joined Dynacure as Head of Research, where she is focusing on translational research and supporting drug-candidate development.