Dr Meriel McEntagart is a consultant clinical geneticist at St George’s Hospital in London and has a special interest in inherited neuromuscular disorders.

Dr McEntagart developed an interest in congenital myopathies while training with Professor Peter Harper and Professor Angus Clarke at the Institute of Medical Genetics in Cardiff, Wales. She took up her post in their department shortly after the MTM1 gene that causes X linked myotubular myopathy was identified and was given the opportunity to carry out a large study to evaluate the relationship between the specific mutation in the gene and the severity of the disease. In the process Dr McEntagart met many families affected by this condition as well as the scientists who are working to identify a treatment for this disorder and continues to be very involved and interested in helping families affected by all forms of myotubular myopathy. She is a member of the Myotubular Trust Scientific Advisory Board.