Ionis is the leading pharmaceutical company developing ground breaking‘antisense’ drugs – such as the recently approved treatment for spinal muscular atrophy – SPIRANZA . Togetherwith Dynacure, Ionis have identified an antisense drug target that has the potential to work for centronuclear myopathies, by ‘turning down’ or ‘antisense-ing’ the protein dynamin 2.  Dynacure’s collaboration with the laboratory of Jocelyn Laporte at IGBMC has already demonstrated that targeting dynamin 2 can potentially treat a number of genetic forms of myotubular myopathy including buy sildenafil online BIN1, DNM2 and MTM1
“We are delighted with the productivity and efficiency of our collaboration with Ionis. The identification of a development candidate is an important step for our alliance with Ionis and the Dynacure team. Importantly, this development puts us one step closer to potentially finding a new treatment for patients suffering with CNM, a devastating disease with no adequate treatments”, Stephane van Rooijen, chief executive officer of Dynacure.