On Saturday 13th October Glen Dobson travelled 250 metres across Salford Quays on a zip wire. The journey started from the top of the War Museum and ended at the Lowry.

Glen, who has already sky dived out of a plane and climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in support of the Trust, performed his hat-trick challenge in recognition of 6 year old Reece, a family friend who has Myotubular Myopathy.

Here’s Glen’s account of his latest challenge:

‘Well that’s another tick in the box and what a fun day it was.

I must say that the most gruelling part of the day was the 30m ride up to the viewing platform above the War Museum. The lift was full to the max with bodies and most didn’t think it was going to make it. Once up there we all had plenty of time to contemplate what lay ahead, too much time in fact. Someone kindly pointed out that if you look down you can see straight through the grating to the ground below ‘thanks’. I also began to wish I’d brought a jacket now!

Eventually my turn arrived and I must admit I thought I was doing ok and busied myself getting my camera ready to record the journey down. It was at this point that I heard the man ask me for the third time to let go of the building and off I went. The ride down was a mad rush of kicking and spinning as I desperately tried to point myself in the right direction to no avail. I eventually ended the trip facing backwards as I rapidly hit the brake blocks. Once I was gratefully detached from my ride I was reunited with family and friends who had come along to support me.

Importantly for me, Reece’s grandparents Mark and Ann were there along with his younger brother Connor who wanted to know if I’d screamed on the way down. That is a secret I will keep to myself!

I must thank my ever patient wife Karen and my parents for their support and for joining me on the day.’ Glen Dobson

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks Glen for his continued support and congratulations too on completing another amazing challenge.

Many thanks to Glen’s team of supporters too: Karen, Ann, Mark and Connor