Our thanks and congratulations go to the indefatigable Johanna Martin who completed the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 11th March in support of the Myotubular Trust.

This was Jo’s first ever half marathon and she told us just the following morning, ‘Well I did it, still can’t believe it, in quite a lot of pain today, it is the old hips but feel thrilled and chuffed I did it, ran for 2 1/2 hours, seemed like months!’

Jo became a supporter of the Myotubular Trust having met Anne Lennox, co-founder, when they were at ante-natal classes together, when Anne was pregnant with Tom.

Jo has been instrumental in arranging the past four London Thames Towpath walks and is currently busy working on the fifth!

Heartfelt thanks Jo for all that you continue to do and congratulations on such an amazing achievement. We hope your aches and pains pass very quickly!