We are so grateful for the level of support we continually receive in Manchester, in honour of Joshua Seville – 2016 being no exception.
Year on year Joshua’s mum, Carol, arranges not only the very successful Oldham Hope Walk but for the past three years she has also organised a twist on the theme – an abseil – Both events have attracted great support from family, friends and colleagues and have consistently raised a substantial amount in sponsorship for which we are truly grateful.

On top of this, three supporters who took part in the walk have done even more fundraising this year…
In May, long-term supporters Ray Lewis, Gillian Mayall and Patrick Scrivens all completed the Manchester 10k. They finished in great times with Gill telling us, “Well I finished it, and in the process got my best time ever – 50 min 44 secs. I’m still quite giddy about it”.

And Ray told us, “It was a brilliant day even though the weather took a slight turn for the worse just after I started.  I have a feeling that I may do this again and hopefully will be able to raise as much next time. I am overwhelmed at how well I have done, it certainly makes it worthwhile and I am so very happy to have been able to do my bit”.

Congratulations to them all!
As well as completing the Oldham Hope Walk, the Abseil and the 10k run, Patrick also gave up many of his favourite foods and treats for Lent, and lived very healthily, kick-starting his training for the walk and 10k with lots of walking.

Patrick works at the barbers where Joshua had his hair cut and was so inspired by Joshua, and his parents, Carol and Dave, that he has been supporting the Trust ever since. Patrick said, “I love being involved with Myotubular Trust, I love it. I’m still deeply affected by the Seville family story and cutting Joshua’s hair that final time, and I choose to concentrate those emotions through raising my family the best I can and fundraising for the Trust”.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Carol for her unending support and to all who continue to support the Trust in so many ways in memory of her darling son, Joshua. We are forever grateful.