A big thank you to the head of Loatlands Nursery, Alison Ball, for hosting a very successful awareness day.

Monika, whose 4 year old son Milosz has myotubular myopathy and attends the nursery, spoke about the condition and she also handed out leaflets. Another mum, Claire, whose son was recently diagnosed with autistic spectrum, also spoke to the group, raising awareness of her son’s condition.

And to raise funds, there was a wonderful cake sale in support of the Trust and for a charity close to Claire’s heart. A great amount was raised for both charities – thank you.

We would like to give a special mention to everybody who helped with the baking – especially Little Blue Owl Cake Company which is run by a friend and neighbour of Monika. We would also like to acknowledge Sam who helped to sell the cakes.

And, of course, thanks to everybody at Loatlands Nursery for supporting the cake sale – you all raised a great amount for both charities and we are very grateful. As Monika told us, ‘The day was really a success. The parents were very generous.’

And thank you Monika for talking about myotubular myopathy and doing such a great job of raising awareness, and for making such a great thank you poster – we love it!

Milosz-and-Alison-Ball1 Milosz---thank-you-posterTough-Mudder-Milosz-2013