The President of Fairwood Bowls Club, Mrs Susan Taylor, was inspired to fundraise for the Myotubular Trust in memory of her friend’s grandson, Archie. Throughout Archie’s journey he has shown us inner strength when physically he was unable; the light that shone in his eyes as he looked at us inquisitively and the
smile that warmed hearts of all who met him.

The club members totally supported Mrs Taylor’s wish to support the Trust, and their charity box was already full before the season even started.

Mrs Taylor told us, “Fairwood Bowls club is a newly amalgamated club which started in 2017. The ladies club was called Fairways and the men’s club Woodside. Our clubs had adjoining premises and we have always supported each other. However, mixed clubs have overtaken single sex clubs as partners want to join together. Our ladies club celebrated 40 years this year as a ladies club. Woodside the men’s club have been together for 64 years! Time for change and a new era!”

The recent start of the newly amalgamated club’s season saw the local councillor bowl the first wood – a photographer from the Leigh times recorded the historic event.

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to Mrs Taylor, and all at Fairwood Bowls Club, for their wonderful support, and we wish them every success for the season.