Form 10O at Catmose College were inspired to fundraise for the Trust after their tutor, Michael Leski, shared the story of his little hero, Milosz…

We were so touched when we heard from Michael Leski, that his form group at Catmose College in Oakham, Rutland had been inspired to fundraise for the Trust. Form 100, led by student, Ben Higgins, started fundraising having heard about Michael’s son, Milosz, who has myotubular myopathy.

Ben told us, “After Mr Leski, our form tutor, gave us a presentation about his son, his condition and situation I felt very sorry for him and his family. My classmates and I talked about it and admitted we’ve not been the easiest of classes to manage and decided to organise a collection for Myotubular Myopathy as a Christmas present to Mr Leski. I then messaged everybody from our form and they also thought it was a good idea 🙂 We are all very happy that the money has gone to a good cause!”

And Michael said, “When I started with 10 O it hasn’t been the easiest of times but I’ve felt from day 1 there’s potential there and that the class is full of young people who have good intentions and empathy for the world around them. During the weeks leading up to Christmas we were covering the topics of delivering personal presentations and I decided to share the story of my little hero, Milosz. I could see that the class were touched but never anticipated, let alone expected, for anybody to do anything like organise a money collection for the trust. My form made me proud to be their form tutor and the event has changed a lot between us. I feel we’re more connected now and supportive of each other. Well done 10 O and especially Ben! You’ve made a difference! “

Massive thanks to Ben and form 100 for their fantastic fundraising and to Michael and Milosz for their inspiration.

We are truly grateful to each and every one of you.