Given its popularity in 2016, we are walking and crossing 10 of London’s iconic bridges again this year. As before, we will start on London Bridge, walking 10 kilometers, and finishing with a picnic in Battersea Park.

The walk is on Saturday 20th May, starting at 9.30am at London Bridge…finishing time is up to you. To register please click on the button below…Anchor

If you walked with us before you’ll know what a great day it is, so please tell your friends and family and invite them along.  We’d love to see you there.

Registration is £20 and covers T-shirts and pit-stop snacks. How much you raise through sponsors is up to you, but if 50 people were to raise £100, that’s another £5,000 towards the great work being done by researchers finding a treatment for myotubular myopathy.

Terms and Conditions

You are about to be taken through to pay your registration fee – you can pay for any number of walkers in this way, and we will contact you directly for details of the members of your group.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

By clicking the ‘register now’ button we agree to the terms and conditions outlined below

  • Children under 16 years of age on the day of the event must be accompanied by a responsible adult who is also registered to participate in the event.  The mobile number and name of the adult responsible for children under 16 participating must be clearly stated on the form.
  • I agree to pay the fee stated in the registration form.
  • I agree that I am in good physical condition and accept that this challenge is strenuous and that the Myotubular Trust take no liability for injuries or ill health resulting from participation in this event.
  • The event managers may, at any time during the event, terminate my participation if it is mconsidered necessary for the health and safety of other walkers, and / or myself, or if I commit an illegal act.
  • I am taking part in this event at my own risk and will not indemnify the Myotubular Trust or its suppliers or anyone acting on their behalf for any risk, damage, loss or costs arising as a result of my participation.
  • Prior and during the event, I will be responsible for my own safety and will take all reasonable care to ensure the safety of others and will comply promptly with any safety instructions given by the Myotubular Trust or any person acting on their behalf.*  The organisers reserve the right at its absolute discretion to alter the date of the event or to

    change the published course as deemed necessary at any time.