We would like to thank and congratulate the IT department football team at Abcam Plc for supporting the Myotubular Trust at their second charity football match this year.

The game pitched the laboratory building versus the IT department, with the winner donating £250 to the charity of their choice. The IT department were the victors, in a hard fought close game with the final score being 5 – 3. A full match report can be found below.

Match report:
The annual charity Abcam football match was surely one of the closest and most fiercely contested in the history of the competition. As the players walked out to the now hallowed (rubber-crumb astro-) turf the sun was still beating down on their brows and the smell of anticipation was palpable from the three spectators who braved the monolithic Cottenham cage match.

They were not to be disappointed. The IT department, last year’s winners, made a sluggish, languid start to the game and were punished by conceding the first goal. They quickly rallied after a delicate one-two. The same combination reproduced an identical effort that sliced through the Lab’s defence and sent them into a deserved lead.

The lab rallied with a bruising response and scored two goals that dropped the IT department to their knees. At 3-2 the title looked likely to be moving across the Cambridge Science Park and away from the holders. The IT department’s sprightly new goalkeeper made saves that ranged from the spectacular to the miraculous to keep his side in the game, allowing them to counter the constant domination of territory. Two excellent goals from IT gave them the lead, before their star striker looped a ball into the far-corner of the net. Drums beat, horns blew, rattles rattled.

The score, at 5-3, lasted the remaining fifteen minutes of the game. Although the IT’s keeper was deservedly voted Man of the Match for his efforts in goal, this didn’t tell the story in full; the IT department passed their opponents into a stupor at times and created chance after chance that ultimately rewarded them with hard-fought goals that proved decisive.

Despite their bruises, IT emerged from the cage with their title intact.

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