Despite having only signed up for the 2011 Lloyds TSB Cardiff Half Marathon a week before taking part, Leah Paige Watts completed the run in just 2 hours and 8 minutes and was quite rightly very pleased with her finishing time.

Leah chose to raise sponsorship for the Myotubular Trust, in recognition of her friend’s 9 month old son, William, who has myotubular myopathy.

William’s dad, Keiron, ran the marathon beside Leah to provide support and Leah told us, ‘We had a blast at the run yesterday!! Adele (William’s mum), William, his sister, Rhiannon, and a few of her friends came and supported with fabulous home made banners – it was amazing!!!!’

We would like to thank and congratulate Leah for her support and for raising such a great amount in sponsorship and also Keiron for running with Leah too.

Our thanks go also to Leah’s supporters for making such fantastic banners and t-shirts; they all looked great!

cardiff-half-1 cardiff-half-2 cardiff-half-3 cardiff-half-4