Massive congratulations and thanks to university friends, Phil Brunetti, Craig Strachan and Naeem Ghulamali who recently walked the 100km Ultra Challenge from London to Brighton.

The trio aptly named their team ‘Batmen and Robin’ in recognition of the inspiration behind their challenge, Robin. Born to their friends in October 2018, Robin has x-linked myotubular myopathy and he inspired the ‘Batmen’ to want to help by raising research funds to help him and others living with the condition.


There were some long distance practice walks – one 25km, one 50km walk from London to Gatwick, and then for Phil and Craig, the 10k London Hope Walk which provided a great opportunity for the Trust to thank them in person.

Phil, Craig and Naeem were joined by friends who walked sections of the route with them which they said had helped them to stay motivated and no doubt distracted too! For the first 25km, they were joined by Robin’s dad, Tom, which was wonderful.

The team had the opportunity to camp overnight but chose to do the walk in one go. They told us that the night was tough but they were glad to be through it! They then crossed the finish line only 27 hours after setting off.

We can only imagine how fantastic it must have felt crossing that finish line after such a tough event and in every photo and update the team were full of smiles. We loved getting the ‘WE DID IT’ message!

We are truly grateful to the amazing trio and to their friends and family for their generous sponsorship. Thank you ‘Batmen and Robin’ – we are in sheer admiration!