Well we couldn’t have picked a windier wetter day if we’d tried – we walked in wet knickers for all the wrong reasons!

Weather aside we had a brilliant day and strangely enough the weather made team morale even stronger. Why else would 9 adults walk in gale force winds, and torrential rain? For blue lips, mottled hands and soaking clothes……..no to jump in massive puddles as an adult and get even wetter!

We managed to raise £75 in the collection tins, playing on the fact that we were walking in horrible weather. We made an unexpected emergency stop from the torrential rain in The Big Beach Cafe in Hove Lagoon, and a lovely manager who not only warmed us up with tea and brandy coffees and free sausages for the dogs, also put £20 in the collection tin.

We were joined by 6 year old Lilly who walked and scooted from Shoreham and by many more, including my daughter Daisy, for the last three miles.

A bigger and better TEAM JACK each year!

Report by Karen, event organiser

Team Jack