Not only were we supported in Leeds on Sunday 8th May by the Leeds-Bradford Hope walkers, we were also very fortunate to have been represented in the Leeds Half Marathon by Danni Torr, one of the many wonderful and determined members of Team Will’s 1000 Mile Challenge .

Team Will’s 1000 Mile Challenge was established when Danni and other friends and family of ‘Wee Will’ decided to take on the extraordinary task of collectively completing a 1000 mile challenge in order to raise research funds for the Myotubular Trust: to help find Will a cure or treatment. What’s more, they are already more than half way to completing their target!

As part of the challenge: Danni joined us in London last year and took part in the ASICS 10k run but it had been two years since she last completed a half marathon. Danni told us, ‘I’d not done as much training as I would have liked but nonetheless I completed the course; it is a tough challenge as the first 6 miles has one hill after another – luckily it’s all flat from the 9 mile mark. It was thinking about the charity that got me round – it really is a battle of mind over matter to keep one foot in front of the other. I hit a wall at about mile 10, but just thinking about the children with myotubular myopathy really is motivation in itself to keep going and finish those last few miles.’

Danni had a few aches and pains the next day but is nonetheless looking forward to travelling back to London in July to support the 10k again.

Thank you so much Danni for continuing to clock up miles for the ‘Team Will 1,000 Mile Challenge’ – we’re looking forward to thanking you personally in July!