Hertfordshire Hope Walk report by Laura.

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‘I was one of three supporters who helped arrange the first ever Myotubular Trust 20 mile Thames Walk in 2008. This has now become a highly successful annual event in the Myotubular Trust calendar. I became involved when one of the mums in my NCT class, Anne Lennox , had a baby boy called Tom, born with myotubular myopathy. Sadly, Tom died in May 2007, just short of his fourth birthday. So along with Jo and Lizzie (the other walk organisers), we decided we wanted to do something positive to remember Tom by and to support other families with children with myotubular myopathy, thus the Myotubular Trust 20 mile Thames Walk was born.

Shortly after this walk I moved out of London but I never forgot the Charity and would often check their website to see what Fundraising things were going on. So when I spotted that the “walks” were going nationwide I thought I could do a walk and would try to encourage a couple of my friends to join me. You can imagine my astonishment when the numbers grew and on a slightly grey Friday morning, 17 of us (plus 3 dogs!) set off for our “20 mile Stroll” through the Hertfordshire countryside. The weather soon brightened up and as the temperature rose, so did the hills! Apart from a short stop to pick up extra water & ice creams we walked through the day and we were all finished in just over 6 hours!! The only complaint was that we didn’t stop for a refreshing pint in one of the pubs that we passed. However, when we got to the end there was a cool box full of Champagne , Strawberries and chocolate – the perfect end to a wonderful day!

My thanks go out to all my fellow walkers (including our pace makers – the dogs: Deano, Pippa & Stanley) all our sponsors and to the Charity for their support. ‘