Professor Gautel received his MD from Heidelberg University in 1991, moving to EMBL Heidelberg as post-doctoral fellow and visiting team leader, where he worked on titin-based sarcomere assembly until 1998.

He is Head of the School of Basic and Medical Biosciences and holds the British Heart Foundation Chair of Molecular Cardiology at King’s College London. His work is centred on the mechano-signalling network assembled by the giant sarcomeric protein titin (TTN), where his team identified and characterised many new components with a key role in hereditary myopathies: cardiac myosin-binding protein C, the giant protein obscurin, the regulatory mechanism of sarcomeric alpha-actinin, and novel components of muscle proteostasis like Nbr1 and EPG5.

He was awarded the International Society for Heart Research (ISHR) Outstanding Investigator Award in 2009. He was elected as a Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences (FMedSci) in 2010. His recent interests are the pathomechanisms of titin missense mutations and therapeutic potential of proteostasis in titin-linked paediatric cardiomyopathies.