I have been a nurse since 1979 and seen many changes within nursing and healthcare. However, the essence and fundamental principle of nursing in any specialty has not changed; this is compassion we give to the patients we care for. At times it may go beneath the surface and get lost within the bureaucratic milieu, which is driven by protocols, evidence based medicine, lack of imagination, nursing’s obsession for professionalism and our healthcare’s ‘risk adverse’ culture. Yet if compassion is valued it puts the patient back into the centre of care allowing all healthcare practitioners to help and support the patient through their journey towards being healed.

This is what drives my passion for caring for patients who have complex ventilation needs in both the hospital and community setting.

I am currently setting up a community/hospital outreach team for the Sleep and Ventilation unit at the Royal Brompton and Harefield Hospitals’ to meet the needs of a unique group of patients who either require weaning from prolonged ventilation in other critical care units or have long term complex ventilation needs and require support and care in the community. Setting up such a service depends upon collaboration between hospitals and community, building partnerships and proactive pathways between the two ensuring effective communication.

Currently the outreach team consists of me and my colleague Sarah! But the aim is to build it up into a team of 5 to 6 practitioners including nurses, physio’s, doctors and clinical physiologists with some roles being rotational. So watch this space!

The boring bit:

I trained at Kings College Hospital London as a state registered nurse.

I have, in chronological order:
Dip Nursing
BSc Nursing (Hons)
PhD Philosophy
MA Medical Humanities (Distinction)